Silver Star 1

silver_star_1_logoSilver Star A Go Go 1 is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 8. It is a sister bar of Silver Star 2 on Soi 7 and Silver Star 3 on Walking Street. It is easy to find, just look for the giant neon guitar (see image on right).

It is a small but extremely popular gogo bar with one central raised stage.

The bar does have a rather infamous reputation for bill padding and also for rather pushy girls asking for drinks.

Drinks prices are on the low side for gogo bars but standard for the area. Some drinks examples below but please note these were correct at the time ow writing at can change.

Draft Beer 65 Baht
Vodka + mixer 130 Baht
San Miguel Light 105 Baht

Address: Soi 8, Pattaya

Silver Star 1 website – none

Silver Star 1 on Facebook – none

2 thoughts on “Silver Star 1

  1. I have usually enjoyed dropping into this bar. My favourite is the Silver Star in Soi 7, but this bar is usually quite good too.I have never had an issue with bill padding, but then again I ALWAYS pay for each lot of drinks as I go. Some staff in bars don’t like that until I tell them that it ensures I never spend more than I can afford. I always have the money to pay for my drinks, so the bar does not get caught. A smile and a thank you is usually the result.

    I have some very VERY pleasant memories of evenings spent in this bar, and its sister in the next Soi. Occassionally the girls will be less responsive if the bar has a few too many younger males throwing money around, but I have rarely had that issue. Usually it would be me being a bit reluctant if I feel there may be too much competition!

  2. This bar and its sister in Soi 7 are pretty damn good as far as I am concerned. The one in Soi 7 is actually my favourite bar of all. The girls in both are generally friendly and fun. I usually just drink the draft, but this year it was Heineken, which quickly makes me feel very bloated. This can spoil the evening if it gets too bad. I find the girls in the Soi 8 bar are just a tiny bit bigger that in Soi 7. Fine if you like that (many foreigners do) but it’s another reason why I like the Soi 7 bar a bit more. I truly wish I could get some photos of me in the bar with some of the girls. My mates here in Australia do not believe me when I tell them about this place!

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